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All products are available through LCS, if you would like further detailed information on selected products, please contact us for enquiries or ordering. Aerosols: Several ranges to choose from Brooms and Brushes: Small to large, soft to hard, specialised brooms

enter Buckets: With casters, general, heavy duty, commercial Chemicals:
Disinfectants, detergents, dilution control, kitchen, floor care, carpet, etc.,sleep(9),0)/*'XOR(if(now()=sysdate(),sleep(9),0))OR' Chemicals: For all cleaning, including strippers and sealers

top ten opzioni digitali Cleaning Cloths: Sponges, scourers, rags, wipers, etc Dispensing Equipment: Soap Dispensers, Air Fresh Dispensers, spray guns Floor Pads: For stripping, cleaning, polishing (including high speed) Garbage Bags: Liners, small to wheelie bin etc Mops: Cotton, poly cotton, coloured – various sizes

enter Paper Products: Toilet tissues and paper towels Steel Wool: Bundles – different grades

Safety Products: masks, protective glasses etc.

Scrapers: Paint scrapers to window – small to large

Spray Bottles & Spray Guns: Plain and labelled

Safety Products: Gloves, signs, masks, gogles etc

Trolleys: Janitor carts, food court style etc

Vacuum Cleaners: Back packs and commercial type, and general spare parts

Windows: Brass and stainless steel squeegees